The journey began in 1998 when the three founders were united with the vision to offer true craftsmanship through exciting materials and colours. The business started with manufacturing of candles and the production of COTÉ NORD collection is still a proud part of our brand.

The product range has since then developed, and today we can proudly offer a wide range of collections created with knowledge and tradition. 

Our vision is:

"To inspire a unique feeling in every room, for every occasion."

We want to do this by offering timeless designs, created by knowledge and tradition, that last for generations. 

Affari AB with the brand Affari of Sweden is a part of Stommen Group AB together with Brafab, Furninova and Conform. At Affrari of Sweden we are about 40 employees at the head office in Osby, Sweden, where we also have a warehouse, candle production and a 300 m2 showroom.