Before you begin with the tying process, cut 20-24 pieces of the same length from your jute ribbon. After that cut a rather long piece, fold it and tape it to the surface you are working on.

Step 1

 Fold the first twine and get it under the taped middle twine like on the picture.

Step 2

Take another twine, fold it and pull it through the loop of the first twine from the opposite side.

Step 3

Pull the end of the first twine through the hole of the second twine.

Step 4 

Pull at both ends and move it up a bit if needed.

Step 5 

Continue with this procedure (Point 1-4), but always start from the opposite side like you did the previous one. 

Step 6 

Continue until you have 10-12 knots for an average size, but of course you can decide yourself how big of a leave you want to create. We think it is nice to variate in how many knots you tie per leave, so they variate in size like real leaves do. 


Step 7 

Take a comb and separate the threads of every twine and cut in leaf or feather shape.

The leaf is finished!

The leaf is beautiful in all its simplicity or why not hang it in the Christmas tree, the Easter crisis or on a twig as an exciting detail on the wall. In this way, the decorations can be displayed all year round.