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We play with textures and nuances inspired by nature as together create sheer magic.

Virtual showroom - Spring & Summer 2022

Welcome to visit our showroom wherever you are. Now we are opening up our showroom Spring & Summer 2022 also for virtual visits. Get inspired and visit our virtual showroom through a 360° view regardless of location and time of day. We hope you enjoy your visit to our virtual showroom.

Genuine handicrafts from rural Africa

Our new collection, TRIBE, consists of hand-braided baskets and bowls from rural Africa.

The genuine handcraft makes each item unique. Nuances and shapes are created during the process, giving an individual and interesting result. Every product carries its own story of love and tradition.

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The flame of a candle gives warmth and hopeful existence.


Tie a macrame leaf

Here we show step-by-step how you can tie a decorative leaf/feather in macrame.