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It starts with a feeling and turns into creativity. We explore the world and bring treasures home. We visit countries, villages, suppliers and local artisans. We get inspired by the people, the food, the colours, the culture and the artistic heritage. We translate local traditions into modern life and needs. We get challanged of reuse and to create new from old. The uniqueness inspires us and lays the foundation for our collections.

Affari of Sweden

Our vision is to inspire a unique feeling in every room, for every occasion. We want to do this by offering you timeless interior design collections, created by knowledge and tradition and that last for generations.


Tie a plant hanger

Tie a plant hanger that match your personal style by using a FENIX pot or a JEKYLL bottle/vase as a base.


Create your own lamp

Create your own unique and personal lamp by following this step-by-step tutorial.